Daniel LaRossa

Take one look at his pen and ink sketches, and Daniel LaRossa’s passion for design will come alive through every deftly scrawled line. His dedication to each community’s vision, from the earliest formative sketches through construction, has played a key role in the dynamic designs of the San Lorenzo Library and Dayton, Ohio’s Main Library. Dan is an enthusiastic collaborator, and is as much at home swapping ideas with colleagues, problem-solving with consultants, and working with clients as he is with his sketchbook.

Dan firmly believes that good design has the power to shape and transform communities around the world as well as in his own backyard. In addition to his projects at Group 4, Daniel has collaborated extensively with a non-profit, BuildingTrust International to design and construct community centers in southeast Asia. The first community center, completed in 2012, was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as a part of the exhibit Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter in the winter of 2016.

Outside the office, Dan’s zeal for travel and the great outdoors serves as inspiration for each new Group 4 challenge, whether he’s drawing, exploring, or simply soaking it all in.